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Denise Schwartz

"I’ve had my hands in clay since my mid twenties.  I took one class and went home and bought all of the equipment I needed for a small studio.  I’ve been experimenting ever since.


If I can't be in the studio making things I am reading about various techniques and outlining new projects.


I enjoy the process of trial and error. I will never be done learning about this medium and I love seeing how my curiosity is manifested in my work. 

Over the years, I've occupied many "studios".  From laundry rooms, basements and even a shed! It's been an incredible evolution as I dedicate more and more of my energy to this passion and mature as an artist. 


I have started a new chapter with the construction of my very own studio/workshop.  With a new studio underway, I almost feel like I’m back in my twenties again...almost."

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